Anthony Davis Did NOT Want To Be In Street Clothes

Dan Patrick is convinced Anthony Davis only played because of the criticism levied against him. It was clear he was in no condition to play and Dan wonders how he was actually cleared to be on the court. He applauds Davis for giving it the old college try but everyone, including the Suns, could tell from the first minute he wasn’t going to make it through the game.

Dan Patrick:“I don’t know why Anthony Davis was cleared. I love when an athlete at least tries to play but I could tell from the beginning. I thought this had to do with all the criticism. I thought this had something to do with Charles Barkley nicknaming Anthony Davis, ‘Street Clothes.’ He did not want to be in street clothes. He did not want to have a picture of him in street clothes…We will always, as a sports community, give you credit for trying. You got out there, you tried. But you could tell. He was laboring, he was in pain, he tried and played about five minutes.”