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The Top 10 Most Coveted NBA Franchise Players Under the Age of 25

Watch Colin Cowherd rank the top 10 players under the age of 25 that he would most want to build his franchise around.

10. De’Aaron Fox – 23

“Nobody talks about him. He averages 25 and 7 and his scoring average has gone up every year. I think he’s kind of close to his ceiling but who has he played with?”

9. LaMelo Ball – 19

“Rookie of the Year, unbelievable, and way better than I thought. He had a little injury this year, but we really don’t know what he is. If he’s this good now then what is he next year? This had not been a great organization; he wins Rookie of the Year, what happens when he gets real teammates?? Does he double his assists?”

8. Jamal Murray – 24

“Torn ACL bothers me. Very good player, the injury is SOMETHING, but he’s great.”

For the FULL countdown on players ranked #7 through #1 check out the video above.

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