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Clay Travis: Giannis Unites NBA Fans While LeBron Only Divides

Clay Travis: “Giannis is the new face of the NBA, and the NBA is incredibly lucky because LeBron James’ divisive brand has completely torn down the positive legacy of Magic, Larry, Michael, and Kobe; superstars who tried to appeal to EVERYONE with their excellence… Giannis is everything that LeBron James is not. He’s hardly active on social media at all, and when he is it’s effervescent and it’s fun. I find Giannis impossible not to really, really like. I love his story – discovered on the streets of Greece playing soccer at the age of 13, they bring him in to play basketball, and he’s only played basketball for 13 years of his life right now. He is the new face of the NBA and he’s a phenomenal asset for the league. I saw on Twitter he only follows his family and Elon Musk, which I think is really cool. I like the idea that he’s not super active on Twitter and he’s not always trying to make political statements. There’s a possibility that you could have Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird 2.0 with him and Luka. I love that Giannis stayed in Milwaukee, he could have gone to California, New York, or Florida… If the NBA is smart, they will push LeBron James off the NBA stage and let him continue to spiral off into ridiculousness on social media, and instead, let Giannis be the new face of the league.”

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the NBA is in good hands if Giannis Antetokounmpo is the new face of the league, as Clay says the NBA can finally push away LeBron James’ rating-plunging divisive politics from the limelight and focus on an effervescent player like Giannis that all fans can’t help but pull for.

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