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Sean McVay on Matthew Stafford: “He’s the Real Deal!”

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb returns to LA Rams Training Camp after a brief hiatus due to the pandemic. The LA Rams look a bit different since then especially at the quarterback position now that they've parted ways with Jared Goff and acquired Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions. Rams still boast a potentially explosive offense under the young and crafty Sean McVay as they try to recapture the success that led them to a Super Bowl in 2019. They also weren't without a few setbacks as they lost their RB Cam Akers to injury and also had a bit of a scare with Stafford who hurt his thumb.

Sean McVay talks about trying to get the very best out of Matthew Stafford:

"We're looking at that right now and continuing to get familiar and comfortable with what does he feels best with, what does he execute the best on the grass in some of these practice settings but I think in a lot of instances when you go back and you watch him, this guy is the real deal. And he's playing the quarterback position at the highest levels in the most difficult spots. That's what really stood out to me. His ability to move and navigate the rush, his ability to keep his eyes down the field, and manipulate coverage, get through progressions and there's a lot debated about his ability as a thrower and it's REAL. The ball comes out of his hands so naturally. He can change his arm slot. And I think what he does, I heard Bill Walsh say this back in the day, the first thing he would always look for with quarterbacks is, 'Does he throw a catchable ball?' Matthew has a strong arm but he paces it as necessary as what's required based on the type of throw, the type of concept. And you can talk to the receivers, the skill players and they love it because it only comes as hard as necessary and they give themselves a chance to create after the catch."

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