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The No Fun League Is Back

Super Bowl LV

Photo: Getty Images North America

In a move that apparently nobody asked for, the NFL has decided to further enforce taunting penalties in the upcoming NFL season. Listen to Dan Patrick's reaction to the news, questioning why this suddenly became an issue for the NFL, signaling that this is the return of the No Fun League!

Dan Patrick: "I didn't hear an outcry where people said 'You know what? I'm tired of this. We gotta take taunting out of the game.' The NFL reacts to what you want the NFL to react to. Every year, it's something different, right? It's gonna be kickoffs, it's gonna be extra points, field goals, goalposts, where you can hit somebody, what's a fumble, what's not a fumble. I don't know if anybody was upset. Do you know anybody who says, 'they better get around to fixing this taunting stuff'? Michael Irvin famously, when he would even catch a 3-yard pass and it was a first down, he would point towards 'first down'. Is that taunting? If I look at you, is it taunting? If I say some magical words, is it taunting? Are we gonna have 'upon further review, it's taunting? Are we gonna review taunting plays?

Hear Dan Patrick's take below

The No Fun League Is Back