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Chargers HC Brandon Staley: “My Goal Is to Be a Complete Coach.”

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley joined The Doug Gottlieb Show from his team's training camp facility and talked about expectations for the upcoming season, earning his team's trust, Justin Herbert's progress, and more!

With an opportunity to lead a talented LA Chargers squad to a Super Bowl, Staley lays out how his experiences made him capable of handling this task. When you are coaching in Division 3, when you're a Junior College Defensive Coordinator at age 26, and I was exposed to a lot of football. I knew a lot of people in the NFL, so I had this double education where I was learning so much in the college game, but then I was connected to the NFL, and that's ultimately where I wanted to be. So I have both these things working. A lot of the people that I knew in the NFL were on offense, so I learned a lot of offensive football at a high level, but I'm still coaching on defense, so you're formulating your philosophy about, 'Okay, how would I do it to defend against a Drew Brees some day?' Because a lot of the people that I knew were in New Orleans when I was a young coach. So, I'm learning how to coach defense; I coached all the positions on defense: defensive line, outside rushers, inside backers, secondary, I was a defensive coordinator, played quarterback, and so then I coach on special teams. And so you feel like you're getting this complete football education, and then you're learning about stuff off the field. Personnel sports science, management, all this stuff because you know what it's gonna take if you wanna be a head coach someday. There's so much that goes into it. How do you communicate? How do you bring people together? And so, I've just tried to pour as much as I can into my game and into being a complete coach. My father and my mom said a long time ago, 'Be everything you want your players to be. And so my goal was to be a complete coach."