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Derwin James: Brandon Staley Brings More Versatility to Our Defense

Los Angeles Chargers Strong Safety Derwin James Jr. joined The Doug Gottlieb Show from training camp. The star safety spoke about having fans at training camp, matching up against Keenan Allen at practice, and much more! When asked about what Chargers' new head coach Brandon Staley brings to the team, James had this response: "We're more versatile. Not to say our scheme was bad or anything that we previously played in because I had a lot of success in the old scheme but I feel like we're more versatile, guys are moving around more and they don't know what we're in. The offense literally doesn't know what we're in every play and we're just getting better from it and feeding off of it. Everybody is moving around, running to the ball, communicating and we're just getting better every day.

Derwin James on facing Justin Herbert on a daily basis: "I think he completed a ball on me on the sideline and it was a corner route...It's just like, if you're not there, you're not making the play. He's just different, different mechanics, his mind is so different, his body is different, he's a bigger guy, he can see and like I said, the ball is coming out like a rocket! If you're not there, you're not making the play.