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Joey Bosa: "It's Great to be Able to Trust Your Guy at the QB Position."

Los Angeles Chargers Pro Bowl DE Joey Bosa joined The Doug Gottlieb Show. Bosa spoke about adjusting to the new defensive system, how he prefers to attack a quarterback, and much more!

Doug Gottlieb asked Joey Bosa what it's like to have a guy like Justin Herbert with that kind of "arm weaponry."

Joey Bosa: "It's just great to be able to trust your guy at the quarterback position. I mean, Philip Rivers was amazing. But you get him running, it's a little tough day for him. Phil is a Hall of Famer, he was unbelievable but watching Herbert run around and the way he can make plays with his feet...he burnt me today on his own read. He's amazing. He was throwing the ball a little too hard at the beginning of last year, but now he's got his touch down. I mean, you see him rolling out and making these backfoot throws across his body there... they're unbelievable."