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Keenan Allen Doesn't Want Justin Herbert Forcing the Passes to Him

Los Angeles Chargers Pro Bowl WR Keenan Allen joined The Doug Gottlieb Show from training camp in Costa Mesa, California. Allen spoke about how he keeps football the focus and doesn't play any games like other players around the league. Plus, Allen explains which Chargers jersey he thinks looks the best on him!

Doug Gottlieb talked about how young quarterbacks come in and feel obligated to force passes to the most talented wide receiver on the field whether it's a safe bet or for the sake of making sure a star gets their touches. Doug highlights how Keenan Allen doesn't burden quarterbacks with this issue and asks how he manages that with Justin Herbert.

Keenan Allen: I'm a football player first before I'm a receiver.

Doug Gottlieb (Jokingly): NO NO NO, You're a receiver, it's supposed to be all about you, 'all about me-

Keenan Allen: Nah, Nah, Nah, you see? That's the difference between me and others. That's why you don't see me in the media doing all the little stuff trying to get followers and all that. You ain't gon' see me doin' all that. I ain't wit that. I'm just strictly tryin' to win a football game. I just happen to be really, really good at receiver. I played running back, quarterback, free safety, everything! I've played every position so for me, it ain't about getting the ball, it's about winnin' the game. And the best way we can win the game is to get it to the open man."