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Colin Cowherd: Tim Tebow Got Jaguars Tryout for One Reason

NFL media broke the news, and Tim Tebow himself that the Jacksonville Jaguars have cut Tebow from the team. This was an opportunity several years in the making. Tim Tebow was an accomplished player in college and even had a bit of a run in the NFL, but there wasn't a station in sight when the gas ran out in the big leagues. He tried his hand at professional baseball but couldn't cut it. He then returned to the NFL when Urban Meyer got an opportunity to coach the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The tryout was deemed controversial from the start. In the past, Tebow was always a quarterback and refused to switch to another position even though people had suggested he should go for a tight-end position as early as when he was coming out of college. Now, Tebow finally caved and gave tight-end a shot at this go-around, but after a viral flub in a preseason game, he's now left with no opportunity at redemption.

In reaction to the news, Colin Cowherd points out that Tim Tebow fans and the media have always been at odds with each other. While fanatics have stuck with Tebow through thick and thin, Colin states that the media may not always be right and may have an agenda of their own, but the media has never lost when it comes to Tim Tebow. Colin, in the audio below, asks fans to acknowledge their own bias and agenda that blindly favors Tebow:

Colin Cowherd: "Covid is not the flu, and Tebow can't play professional sports. The agenda is not those ripping Tebow. Let's be honest; the criticism is usually soft-pedaled because he's a nice guy. He's hard not to like, but he got this tryout for one reason...Privilege. Nobody quits a sport and then 8 years later gets an nobody EVER. It was a little privilege, and it didn't work, and Urban Meyer's a businessman too, probably foremost, and he let him go. Tebow's fans have always pointed fingers. It's time to go to the bathroom. Those mirrors still work; you just don't like to use them anymore. Tebow's not a pro-athlete; he was never a pro-athlete. He's a workout fanatic who's slow and bulky. He was never a pro-athlete in America. He's a Saturday athlete. He's not a Sunday athlete. You can go into any Gold's Gym in American and find a dozen Tim Tebows. They're probably just not as nice as Tim. It's over...It SHOULD be."