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Jerry Jones Sparks Outrage on Twitter For How He Eats McDonald's McGriddles

HBO debuted its new season of Hard Knocks on Tuesday, August 10, with behind-the-scenes looks at the Dallas Cowboy's training camp and there is already controversy.

Cowboys fans aren't bothered with quarterback Dak Prescott's frequent use of the f-word or head coach Mike McCarthy going off on how the playoffs aren't good enough for the storied franchise.

Instead, the internet was aflutter with team owner Jerry Jones' breakfast choices.

Despite having more money than god, the 78-year-old sat down to enjoy a McDonald's McGriddle in the debut episode. There's nothing wrong with a quick breakfast, but football fans couldn't stomach Jones salting his McGriddle.

Barstool called the breakfast choice "diabolical" while others took to Twitter to call the salting "nightmare fuel" or say that Jones is a "true demon."

For context, the Food and Drug Administration recommends most people eat no more than 2,300 mg of sodium a day while the average sausage McGriddle has 990 mg or 43% of the daily intake.

You do you Jerry Jones. Just check your blood pressure every once in a while.