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Epiphany Bet: Cowboys at Buccaneers

Cowboys at Buccaneers Epiphany Bet

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys will matchup to open the 2021 NFL season and RJ Bell has an official epiphany best bet! There are many things to consider for the game, and currently the betting line is Bucs at -6. Ultimately, with Dak Prescott sitting out for the entire preseason and his injury status technically up in the air, plus the Buccaneers playing the game at home, RJ favors the defending Super Bowl champions.

RJ Bell:“I am going to make an epiphany best bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers...Dak's Lack of general health, maybe he's 92% percent, and he plays, but he's not a %100. So, if you add up the chance he doesn't play with he's going to be hindered if he does. How hindered? Lack of practice, lack of gametime maybe both, but if he plays, then all that is worth something. And the fact is, the line hasn't moved. It was at Bucs -6/12 early, and I like it at -6 1/2, but even here, this is one of those things we call free-roll bets. If Dak plays and he's 90%, and that's probably the best you can hope for, then we probably got a 50/50 coinflip, and everything else that happens, is worse than that for Dak. This is a good bet, and if he doesn't play, it's a gigantically good bet because this line would go up to probably -13 1/2 or -14 Bucs.”