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Grading Rookie Quarterbacks: Trevor Lawrence Has Lowest Number of Wow Plays

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints

Photo: Getty Images North America

As the NFL season draws closer to starting, Jason Smith & Bucky Brooks reflect on what they've seen so far from the 2021 class of NFL rookie quarterbacks in the preseason.

Bucky Brooks: "I kinda say it's a push. I know that's the weenie way out on the radio. It's a push. If I had to go with somebody, Maybe I would give you like a Trey Lance because we can grade the flashes. His flashes have been more wow-worthy than everybody else. I'll go with Trey Lance.

Jason Smith: "I'm with you on the wow factor...The least number of wow plays honestly have come from Trevor Lawrence. Mac Jones has been nice but he hasn't made any play where you go wow but that's not kinda who he is."