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Eli Manning Talks Aaron Rodgers and Impressions of Rookie Quarterbacks

2x Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning joins Up On Game with LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Plaxico Burress! Manning gives his thoughts on the current crop of rookie quarterbacks and explains why he believes the Packers drama with Aaron Rodgers is a testament to how the organization views Jordan Love. Manning looks back on his historic career and reveals his favorite moments from playing alongside Plaxico. Plus, Manning discusses the significance of the Manning brand and explores the idea of what his career would look like had he played in San Diego instead of New York.

Eli Manning on Aaron Rodgers feud with Green Bay: "I was confused by it a little bit, just trying to understand what he was trying to get out of it, what was the long-term objective of calling out the management. You never saw much of that before, and all the sudden you're seeing it a lot more, even Russell Wilson did it a little bit. I just don't know what the positive is in that. It's a bad look on your teammates, a bad look on the fans. Especially Aaron, he's had so much success there over his career, to think he wants to change organizations at that point... it's an interesting deal on how it played out.He kind of knew that the guys behind him weren't the answer, otherwise it would have been an easy move for Green Bay to move on from him. But they know they need him, and they need him to play this year, and probably want him to play the next couple years unless they start looking at drafting a replacement for him in next year's draft."

LaVar Arrington:"So you don't think Jordan Love is the answer?"

Eli Manning:"That's kind of me reading between the lines. If I think he was the answer, or if the ownership thought he was the answer, Rodgers would be gone. Rodgers probably knows that he's not the answer also, so he could kind of play that hand a little bit."