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Colin Cowherd: Jimmy Garoppolo Has Lost His Confidence

San Francisco 49ers Practice

Photo: Getty Images North America

Colin Cowherd: “The line between confidence and insecurity is very, very thin. Jimmy Garoppolo should be very confident. Even Tom Brady was afraid of him. He got to a Super Bowl! I mean look at the guy, if I looked like Jimmy Garoppolo I would take 400 selfies a day, and yet, did you watch him last night? He has lost confidence. Jimmy Garoppolo has NO confidence. What are the three things for a quarterback that crush confidence? Number one is INJURIES, you don’t want to get hit and he’s had those. Number two is your coach loses confidence in you, and we saw that in his last playoff run when he took the ball out of Jimmy’s hand. Number three is they draft your replacement. Jimmy Garoppolo had a quarterback rating of 16 last night and that’s against backups. The young quarterbacks who have never played before are crushing it in this preseason, and those young quarterbacks don’t have Kyle Shanahan, they don’t have this offensive line, they don’t have this culture, and they don’t have this roster. Jimmy Garoppolo has lost his fastball, and I like Garoppolo. I’m a much bigger fan of Garoppolo than 99% of you, but he does not look the same. I think the game is in his head right now and I don’t know if it’s solvable.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Jimmy Garoppolo’s career could be at a crossroads, as Colin details how the seemingly lame-duck 49ers quarterback has ‘lost his fastball’, and effectively lost all his confidence as well with rookie backup Trey Lance breathing down his neck.