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The Cam-paign Is Over In New England

The Campaign Is Over In New England

Photo: Getty Images North America

On Straight Outta Vegas, RJ Bell and Jonas Knox react to the Cam-paign being over in New England for the once former NFL MVP. But all is not lost according to Vegas, as the odds are out on Cam Newton's next team, and RJ thinks the top candidate makes sense.

Jonas Knox: "Now, the conversation turns to who is the betting favorite to land Cam Newton."
RJ Bell: "The Dallas Cowboys... It kind of makes sense. If you want a celebrity backup, it's going to be in Dallas, and they are 5-to-1. Washington is 6-to-1. The Colts are 6-to-1. The Pittsburgh Steelers 6-to-1. So three teams tied for second . By the way, Dallas releases Garrett Gilbert. He can go back to professional wrestling...Now, what's fascinating about the Patriots having cut Brian Hoyer too, and going with Stidham, is that he is on PUP list. So, Stidham is the backup, but he can't play until week 7."