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Dolphins Will Move On From Tua Tagovailoa the First Chance They Get

Photo: Michael Reaves

Jason Smith: "If (the Dolphins) wanted to make sure everybody knew Tua was their guy, they would have gone out in a bigger defense after the latest Deshaun Watson storyline came out. But they didn't. Why? Because they still want to move on. There is still a faction of the Miami Dolphins who don't believe he is their quarterback and want to go after Deshaun Watson, or another guy if he becomes available. Too many times we have seen 'the Dolphins are in on this quarterback, and this quarterback, and this quarterback...' Why? You already have a guy! Nobody else is doing that, but the Dolphins keep doing it. They will kick Tua to the curve as soon as they can. This wasn't a public endorsement, this was behind closed doors 'hey Tua is our guy, so let's move forward with that.' Players are smart, they know. You can't snowball these guys and say something in private when they know publicly there are stories of them wanting a new quarterback. At least some, if not a large portion of the Dolphins front office and ownership want a quarterback, which means, there is going to be a new quarterback."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Tua Tagovailoa being named the starter in Miami amidst rumors of the team looking to acquire a quarterback. Jason explains why he believes the Dolphins will move on from the former first round pick the first opportunity they can do so, as they've admitted to exploring a trade for Deshaun Watson as they kick the tires on the quarterback market. Jason believes their interest in Watson is not only because of Watson's clear talent, but is also indicative of their lack of faith in Tagovailoa.