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Jon Gruden Should Be On The Hot Seat


Rob Parker: "Saying you expect to make the playoffs is nothing. Mike Mayock - how about stepping up to the plate and turning the mic on and saying 'we're going to make the playoffs this year. We have a good enough team, and if we don't then we have a problem here in Las Vegas, and it ain't just at the craps tables.' They need to make the playoffs already. Jon Gruden has a ridiculous contract. Enough is enough with the Raiders. They've shown promise here and there. but they haven't been able to finish the job."
Chris Broussard: "Let's cut to the chase. If they don't make the playoffs, what should happen?"
Rob Parker: "Jon Gruden should be canned. Mike Mayock should be canned. Period. If it's a real organization, if they're really trying to win. If this is just a love fest because the owner loves Jon Gruden and the ground he walks on, then he will be coach forever. Because when you have that kind of relationship, it's not built on results. I keep saying sports has a short menu, wins and losses. The Raiders have lost way too many games with the amount of talent they have. Enough with Jon Gruden. Do we have to go back 20 years ago when he was the coach of the Bucs? Go back to his last 4 or 5 seasons in Tampa, he was bad! The team was bad! You string those two together, that's 8 or 9 years of not making the playoffs!"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Raiders GM Mike Mayock saying he "expects" the Las Vegas Raiders to make the playoffs this year. Rob rips Raiders management for failing in the Jon Gruden regime thus far and says that Gruden's job should be in jeopardy if the Raiders miss the playoffs again this season. Meanwhile, Chris also believes Gruden should be on the hot seat, but gives the truth on how Las Vegas will handle it.