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Naomi Osaka Needs to Find Her New Normal

Photo: Elsa

“Wherever Naomi Osaka is on the scale, she needs a break and she needs time away from tennis. I’m really glad she made those comments in her press conference, because she made it obvious she's struggling. Whether it’s staying off social media or avoiding the press, she needs to figure out what her new normal is, that should be her number one priority right now. Everything up to this point in her career has been great, and this past year for her has been brutal, and it’s starting to affect her performance on the court. She has to be able to deal with adversity and figure out what makes her happy, so she can return to being the phenomenal tennis player she is on the court.”

Listen to Jason Smith react to Naomi Osaka’s latest press conference, and explain why it might be time for her to take a break from tennis, to focus on bettering her mental health.