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The Truth About Cam Newton's Release

Photo: Mike Stobe

Plaxico Burress: "Bill Belichick cut Cam Newton because he was not vaccinated. That is the absolute truth. He will never be able to come out and say it publicly, but he was released because he was not vaccinated, you can't depend on him, and he would be unreliable going forward as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. You couldn't depend on him to be there for you every week."

LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Plaxico Burress react to the New England Patriots releasing Cam Newton. Plaxico explains why he believes Newton's choice to not get vaccinated is the entire reason for his release, as the organization got fed up with him violating COVID protocols multiple times and putting the team in jeopardy. The guys debate if his unwillingness to accept a backup role also played into the release.