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Bold Predictions Out of the AFC North

The Cleveland Browns Will Run the Table This Season

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon shared some bold NFL predictions for this upcoming season. According to Smith, the Cleveland Browns are going to run the table in the AFC and finish their regular season with the best record in the AFC. Coming off a playoff birth followed by a playoff win, the Browns are primed for a great 2021 season. On the other side, staying in the same division, Mike Harmon thinks the Baltimore Ravens will end up with the best record in the AFC.

Jason Smith: "The team that is going to have the best record in the AFC; the team that's going to wind up with home field advantage; that's going to say the road to the Super Bowl goes through this city, is going to the Cleveland browns..."
Mike Harmon: "I'm staying in division on the AFC side. I'm looking at Baltimore. The first half of their schedule has very winnable games. Looking at the upgrades to their receiving core, a good offensive line, one of the best defenses in the game. Oh, and that Lamar Jackson guys is pretty good too..."