Is Tom Brady Really The Best Football Player in History?

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Recently, The Athletic put out a massive article, where they ranked the Top 100 NFL Players of All-Time. Listed at the Number 1 spot, was Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. Brady is the only active player listed on the top 100. Listen to The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate whether Brady is deserving being in the number one spot on this list, or if it should be reserved for someone else!

Rob Parker: “I just threw up in my mouth. I think this is so overblown. Tom Brady has had a tremendous career, but to rank him as the best football player ever is ludicrous. I could make a case for Jim Brown, or Lawrence Taylor who changed the game of football in terms of defense. I understand Brady has done a lot of winning in his career, but I wouldn’t even put him as the best QB of all time in terms of physical ability or skill at the position. Is he the most accomplished? Yes. But the best QB of all time? In my opinion, I don’t think so. I think him being on this list is a ‘prisoner of the moment situation.’ If he didn’t win the Super Bowl last year, I doubt he would be number 1 on this list.”
Chris Broussard: “I still don’t have Brady #1 on this list, because in football, the positions are so dependent. Without a great line a QB can only do so much. Plus, defense is an entire different component of the game. I’m just not going to play into the oversimplification of the game. I do think Brady is the best QB of all time, but best ‘football player’ of all time, there’s no way he would be the best.”