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Vegas No Longer Favors Colts In Week 1, Even With Carson Wentz Starting

Photo: Justin Casterline

On today’s “Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell” RJ and the crew discuss how sour the market has been toward the Colts. There’s a consensus that Seattle may be on the decline, and the Colts actually opened as the favorites by 2.5 for their Week 1 matchup. But when QB Carson Wentz suffered an injury, the line took a big jump in Seattle’s direction; under the assumption Wentz would be unavailable. But now that Wentz is playing, Seattle remains the favorite by 3 points, which confuses RJ.

RJ Bell: “When this line opened, the Colts were favored by 2.5 points, until Carson Wentz’s injury. This caused the line to move in favor of the Seahawks to Seattle by 3, so nearly 5 points of movement if you do a little math. But now that Carson Wentz is playing, the line really hasn’t moved at all, which is puzzling. The way I view this, is according to Vegas, they believe that a hobbled Carson Wentz is no better than his backup QB. Either that, or Vegas has reevaluated the Colts and feel even with Wentz, the Colts are still impacted by other injuries like Quentin Nelson.”