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Chris Broussard: "Ravens Injuries Decrease Pressure on Lamar Jackson"

Photo: Scott Taetsch

Rob Parker: "Everybody is replaceable in the NFL. You've got to keep playing. I don't think the pressure changes at all. He finally got that playoff win, people have expectations for that team. I don't think that the pressure changed any bit today compared to where it was. People expect them to win that division and get to the Super Bowl."
Chris Broussard: "I actually think the pressure on Lamar Jackson decreases a bit. I think any objective observer is looking at it and saying 'he doesn't have a quality back.' He's had quality backs in the past. It's not an excuse, it's a legitimate scenario where their running backs are hurt and this is a running team, not just Lamar, but period. And even their receivers are hurt."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to two major injuries coming out of Ravens practice on Thursday after the team already faced major injuries, especially to their running back group, over the past couple weeks. Chris explains why he believes this actually decreases the high pressure that Jackson is under this season, as a weakened roster would provide explanation for lost production, helping Jackson avoid some undeserved blame throughout the season. Rob, however, does not think these injuries decrease the pressure, but believes the amount of pressure will remain consistent, as the Ravens are still seen as a top contender in the AFC and Jackson needs to be the one to lead them to success regardless of injuries.