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The "Dak Prescott for MVP" Bandwagon is Off and Running

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Jason Smith: "Dak Prescott is going to have this aura of 'look how good he is' around him for the entire year. He's going to throw for 300-400 yards, 2-3 TD's every week. The Cowboys will win enough games. That's going to be enough to keep Dak in the forefront of the MVP conversation. Plus, when you're the quarterback of the Cowboys, there's going to be an overriding desire to have him in the MVP conversation. That's why I knew that Dak is going to own the conversation, all he has to do is be the guy he was before the injury. Clearly he is ok. He's got a Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier arm that has no problem throwing the ball as much as he did tonight. Then you have Magic Johnson tweeting about him tonight. Welcome to the bandwagon, Magic Johnson, I've been in front of it for a few days now. Congratulations. You can have a seat next to me in the front so we can talk."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to an impressive showing from Dak Prescott in the Cowboys' opening night loss to the Buccaneers. Jason explains why this first game is already confirming his preseason prediction that Dak Prescott would win MVP. He explains why Prescott's MVP campaign will not only be driven by his numbers, but media hype will further propel the narrative that Prescott is deserving of the MVP.