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Lamar Jackson Needs To Be a Better Passer

Photo: Christian Petersen

Dan Patrick wants Lamar Jackson to improve in the pocket. While he is dynamic and can win football games seemingly by himself, he can also lose them, also seemingly by himself. His unique style is difficult to stop but Jackson often stops himself with poor passing and an overreliance on his legs to get him out of trouble. Not only is that type of play unsustainable over a long career, he is also prone to fumbling when running. He doesn’t need to perform miracles in the pocket; he just needs to do enough to take the pressure off his legs.

Dan Patrick:“(Lamar Jackson) has got to be a better passer to take the pressure off him trying to make something happen running. I just need those designed plays for him. I know he’s young, he’s 24. Well, he’s going to eventually start to slow down and that means there’s a greater emphasis on what he does in the pocket. And I’m not asking him to do wonders in the pocket, I want to take pressure off him having to use his legs.”