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Aaron Rodgers Is THAT Guy Who Feeds Off Negativity

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints

Photo: Getty Images

Doug Gottlieb isn't worried about Aaron Rodgers after the embarrassing loss to the Saints because Rodgers is THAT guy who feeds on negativity. It's the story of his career and he carries a bag of chips on his shoulder. He never let it go that Mike McCarthy drafted Alex Smith over him with the Niners. Last year was his "F-You Tour" to the organization for drafting his replacement and to everyone saying he's a declining asset. This year was about "How could the Packers have done that to him?," and he played into it. Well now the nay-sayers are back he's got the fuel he needs for the rest of this season. The data shows this is what brings out the best in him, so don't be surprised by the bounce-back.

Doug Gottlieb: "Aaron Rodgers has taken all this criticism and tried to do the RELAX thing, tried to process it, tried to be calm about it, but inside his engine is burning and this is what it runs on: Negativity. How do I know? I have all of last year. How do I know? I have the entire first part of his career where he was trying to prove F-You to all the 23 teams that passed on him before the Packers ended up taking him. How do I know? Ask anyone who knows Aaron, he carries a grudge and uses that to fuel him.
If this was a filling station, it wouldn't be no reinforcement or positive reinforcement or any sort of buddy system or whatever. He runs on negative. That''s who he is. That's what energizes him and you can't get any more negative than playing terrible in the first game after doing a sit-down interview and saying, 'You know I thought about retiring. I wanted to go to a different team.' and everyone saying I told you so."