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Travis Kelce on Cutting His Beard and Forgetting the Schedule

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals

Photo: Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk about his decision to cut off his trademark beard, when he knew they were in trouble in the Super Bowl and why Patrick Mahomes is such a great leader. They also look back on the season opener comeback against his childhood team, the Browns, and getting ready for the Ravens, despite Kelce forgetting they were playing in Week 2 on Sunday Night Football.

Dan Patrick: "Okay, did you not know you were playing the Ravens this Sunday Night?"
Travis Kelce: "You know what, I knew we had them early, I didn't know it was going to be the second game. I just didn't put 2 and 2 together. You know, the Ravens were playing right here, why is Peyton Manning asking me these questions? 'Oh, because we're playing them next!' I'm sitting there thinking we got the Chargers now. We got the Chargers week 3, I believe so I was a little off but Coach Reid always gives us 24 hours to enjoy the win so once we got back into the building today, I was right on cue with who we were playing and I was locked in."
Dan Patrick: "Okay, but does it matter who you're playing? Do you prepare differently if you were playing the Chargers as oppose to the Ravens?"
Travis Kelce: "1000%! Not necessarily the routine, the mentality that you have going into the week. That kind of stays the same. You have to find that professionalism in making sure you're always ready for each individual team, but they have different defenses right, so you understand what teams are doing differently and you try to attack them knowing their weaknesses or try to find a weakness in what they're doing."