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The Real Reason Why Tom Brady Wants to Play Till He’s 50

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Jason Smith: “I think it’s more interesting to think about WHY Tom Brady is thinking about playing until he’s 50. The REAL reason he’s considering this, is because for the first time in his career, he is having fun. I guarantee you, if you asked him what he would change about his NFL career, he would say, ‘I wish I got out of New England 10 years ago, because football was never fun.’ No one has fun playing for the Patriots. Rob Gronkowski stopped going to OTAs and retired, rather than continue playing for that team. As soon as Brady got out of dodge, Gronkowski magically decided he could play again, and now they’re both having the time of their lives in Tampa Bay. Belichick and Brady never got along because he’s a no fun coach, and that ended with Brady being pushed out. I’m not saying Brady would trade the first 12 years of his career with New England, but if he had the opportunity, looking back, he regrets not getting out earlier than he did.”

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Tom Brady discussing his desire to play until he is 50 years old. Jason believes there’s more to the story behind the reason "why" he’s planning to do this, and it involves his experience with Bill Belichick and the Patriots.