Lamar Jackson Gives Us Excitement Like No One Else

Dan Patrick Think Lamar Jackson Gives Us Excitement Like No One Else

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a thrilling week 2 Sunday Night Football match-up and despite Lamar Jackson's early struggles in the game, Dan Patrick thinks the former MVP will always "give you a chance," and that's exactly what happened in the second half. Dan references the Twitter trolls who were doubting Jackson during the 1st half of the game and wonders where these same people were in the 4th quarter.

Dan Patrick: "The Ravens have had some bad luck with injuries there. They could have lost if the Chiefs didn't fumble the ball in that potential game winning drive, but Lamar Jackson always gives you a chance. In fact, there were people on Twitter saying 'you gotta get him outta there,' I went 'no!' Where were these people in the 4th quarter? Couldn't find them. But man, does he give you an excitement that no other quarterback gives you in the NFL."