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How Does Carson Wentz Sprain 2 Ankles? ... 2 Words: "Aaron Donald"

Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts

Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday's "2 Pros and a Cup of Joe," LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox try to make sense of Carson Wentz being injury prone to the point he suffers two sprained ankles. Yes, Aaron Donald is the main reason, but Carson Wentz has been dealing with lingering injuries since before his pro career, which only makes him more susceptible to new injuries when he forces plays. They wonder if bringing in Cam Newton would be an upgrade at this point, but history shows any competition will cause Wentz to melt under the pressure.

Jonas Knox: "How does one go about spraining both ankles? I'm just wondering how that happens because Carson Wentz has two sprained ankles."
LaVar Arrington: "Aaron Donald. That's the only reasoning I can give you, is that Aaron Donald was involved."
Brady Quinn: "Honestly, he's been so banged up. When I watch him move, there's just no explosion, man. He just doesn't move the same way he did when he came into the league, and by the way, he dealt with injuries at North Dakota State. So he was already battling some stuff he'd already been through and it doesn't look like he's moving the same."