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It’s Still Week to Week for Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Quinn Harris

Dan Patrick likes him some angry Aaron Rodgers and think s Packers fans do too, but they must be wondering where this version of Rodgers was hiding in week 1. He came out an proved he still knows how to be a dominating force on the football field but, with the drama surrounding him this offseason, his motivation is still suspect. While his track record and last night’s performance would normally have everyone back on his side, questions will continue to remain and the discussion will continue after each week of football this season.

Dan Patrick: “I like an angry Aaron Rodgers. If you’re a Packer fan, you’re like, ‘Where was this week 1?’ But I don’t know if there’s any drama now. There will be after they play the 49ers. If they win, then we’ll officially christen them as, ok, now this is a team that can go back to the NFC Title game. If they happen to lose that game, then all of a sudden people will pile on Aaron Rodgers. It shouldn’t be week to week for Aaron Rodgers, but it’s going to be because of what happened in the offseason.”