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LaVar Arrington Recalls When John Madden & Jay Leno Disrespected Him

On today's edition of 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington shared with Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox this funny story about how John Madden and Jay Leno dissed him during his tenure with the Washington Football Team just before the season began. It was bad enough that Madden did it, and Arrington let him have his fun out of respect, but when Leno decided to get in on it, LaVar wasn't having it at all. Listen to the audio above for the full story!

LaVar Arrington:

"I'm in the production meeting and we're talking. And John Madden is sitting there and he's like, 'You got a lot of energy, LaVar.' I didn't know him and I'm just excited to be in his production meeting not knowing I'm being set up. So he gets me going and I'm like 'YEAH YEAH, I'm wit you!' He's like, 'So do you think you're gonna win the Super Bowl?' And I was like, 'HELL YEAH!! We're gon' win this thing! This is OUR YEAR! I know it's been rough. We're gonna get it turnt' around.' First, he makes this face. John will hit you with a blank stare. This man says to me, 'I will bungee cord out of the Goodyear blimp over the 50-yard line at halftime if The Washington Football team is playing in the Super Bowl." We haven't played ONE game. First off I felt really disrespected and back then I was loyal to the soil. I was so intense about protecting our name and our team and our guys, one time I threatened Jay Leno...If you want to add insult to injury, for those of you who aren't aware of John Madden and what makes this so disrespectful is John Madden does not fly. He will not leave the Earth. He doesn't do anything that would involve him leaving the ground."