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Aaron Rodgers vs. the Media: the Pot vs. the Kettle

Photo: Streeter Lecka

Aaron Rodgers called out the media for their sensationalist practices and Doug Gottlieb thinks he’s not wrong. At the same time, Doug reminds Rodgers that he shouldn’t be upset when media members run with controversies that he created and that calling them out, especially when they are right, is not helping his cause. Doug thinks Aaron’s disdain for the media and the condescending tone he often employs is only exacerbating the rift between him and the reporters who cover him (and help keep him famous).

Doug Gottlieb: “The problem with Aaron (Rodgers) has always been; it’s not what he’s saying but how he’s saying it…it can appear to be condescending, like you know more, because you do know more. It is ridiculous, but he uses the word ‘ridiculous’ which of course makes everybody defensive.”