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Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington on the Mentality After an Interception

Houston Texans v Cleveland Browns

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Today on "2 Pros and a Cup of Joe," Brady Quinn looks back on the time he was fined for his hit on Terrell Suggs following an interception. He and LaVar Arrington discuss the mentality of NFL players in that situation, how much more dangerous it is in the pros compared to college, and why it's a big reason for keeping rookie QB's out of harm's way early in their careers.

Brady Quinn: "People don't realize the difference between college and the NFL, one of the differences is these dudes on defense are trained killers. I'm not even exaggerating."
LaVar Arrington: "Sometimes it was just a thing to hit the person as hard as you could... I've put people to sleep but I never looked down and said, 'Ah, I wish I hadn't have hit 'em like that.'"
Jonas Knox: "I'm terrified."
Brady Quinn: "This is what I'm telling you. That's what's on the other side of the football. People think this is fun and games. It is not! You know how we talk about these rookie quarterbacks and how you need to be careful putting them out there too early, make sure they know what they're doing. This is an example of that. This is how those guys think. There's no remorse!"
LaVar Arrington: "No."
Brady Quinn: "They're trying to take your head off!"
LaVar Arrington: "Yessss."