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Urban Meyer Is In Over His Head

Photo: Sam Greenwood

Jason Smith: "Urban Meyer has coached one game in the NFL. One game! And before his second game he tells a coach 'every NFL game is like facing Alabama every week.' How do you know? You've coached one game. How can you know every game is like coaching Alabama? Unless you're completely out of your depth and really didn't understand what it was going to be like to coach in the NFL. You're not in college anymore. You're going to make another Alabama reference, telling me that you're still stuck in college mode. Yet another thing from Urban Meyer this week to tell you that he really isn't up for this."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Urban Meyer comparing the NFL to facing Alabama on a weekly basis. Jason sees this as another example exposing Meyer as being in over his head in the NFL, given that he is still stuck in the college mindset by relating everything to what he faced in college. Jason believes Jaguars fans should be alarmed hearing this statement from him so early in his tenure.