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Lamar Jackson's Status Makes Betting on Ravens vs. Lions Questionable

Photo: Rob Carr

RJ Bell: "The market right now is saying no effect with Lamar, Baltimore Ravens favored by 8 at Detroit. I do think if he is hurt, you've got to question how much he plays at the end of the game. Think about this, in the playoffs, running quarterbacks are more valuable. That is because running quarterbacks are more inclined to run when the stakes are higher, because every time a quarterback runs there's a risk of getting hurt and you've got to decide if this game situation is worth it. Against the Lions, Lamar Jackson, if they're up 14, it's not very likely he will think it's worth it. And if they run the ball less, or he does specifically, it leaves the backdoor open for Detroit, and we know Detroit fights."

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman preview the Ravens vs. Lions in Week 3 after news of Lamar Jackson missing practice Thursday. Despite Jackson insisting that he did not hurt himself after flipping into the endzone, the guys remain skeptical that he will be at full health, or at least is utilized as if he is at full health, putting the odds of the Ravens covering the 8-point spread in jeopardy. The guys dive into how to bet the game and explain why Vegas has not shifted the line after the Jackson news.