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Christian McCaffery Has a Lot of Mileage

Photo: Bob Levey

Running backs take a beating in the NFL and McCaffery’s high usage rate is finally catching up to him. Dan Patrick points to his time at Stanford as a major contributing factor in McCaffery’s injury issues. He did everything for the Cardinal, returning kicks and punts as well as racking up 300+ carries each season. Dan reminds us that the human body can only handle so many carries before breaking down and the Panthers will need to reduce his touches if they want to keep him healthy.

Dan Patrick: “You’ve got a lot of mileage here. But I always look back to college; how much mileage did you have in college? Christian McCaffery had a lot of mileage back at Stanford. He was a kick returner, punt returner, catching the ball out of the back field, he’d have 300+ carries…There’s only so many carries your body has.”