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Data Shows Tom Brady is Most Hated NFL Player Three Years Straight

According to BetOnline, Tom Brady is the most hated NFL player in the United States at 72%. This data was compiled by analyzing social media according to Sports Illustrated:

Brady is the most-hated player in 36 states, according to BetOnline. The online sportsbook tracked Twitter data for more than a month, analyzing more than 130,000 tweets based on geotags, hashtags and direct keyword associations related to fans’ disdain for NFL players.
  1. Tom Brady
  2. Antonio Brown
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Baker Mayfield
  5. Deshaun Watson
  6. Jameis Winston

Watch as Chris Broussard & Rob Parker address these data findings and talk about why fans would feel this not just about Tom Brady but also great players like Steph Curry or even Michael Jordan.

Rob Parker: "I'm not surprised. I think for all that he's accomplished, and Tom Brady is still out on a campaign trail trying to convince people that, 'I'm the greatest. Look at what I do.' It can rub people the wrong way. It also seems like it's all about him even though he talks about the team, but it is about Tom Brady. And the other part is, I think there are people who can't get past the Patriots and the cheating and some of the stuff that's gone on."