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Justin Tucker: I Finally Got a Good Doink


Baltimore Ravens K Justin Tucker joins Dan Patrick after bouncing an NFL record 66yd FG off and over the crossbar yesterday vs. the Detroit Lions. He was very happy to see a doink finally go his way considering he has had his share of misses via the doink, including two in one game last season vs. the Bills. He gives credit to his entire squad, including the guy who retrieved the ball for him afterward. And he dismisses the uncalled penalty saying things like that are just part of the game of football.

Dan Patrick: “Did you hear the ball hit the crossbar?”

Justin Tucker: “I did. It sounded like what I feel like my stomach was doing: just dropped inside of me and I’m thinking that I just didn’t have enough to get it there. And, sure enough, it bounced the right way. After having a couple of doinks in recent memory for myself that didn’t go my way, to have that one, yesterday afternoon, work in our favor is definitely a good feeling.”