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Ben Simmons Needs to Be Careful What He Wishes For

Photo: Andy Lyons

Chris Broussard: "Ben Simmons, be careful what you ask for. This scenario I'm about to paint, I don't desire it to come true, but it's very possible, maybe even likely. Say Ben Simmons is traded to Sacramento, Minnesota, some other also-ran in the NBA, most likely in the Western Conference. Let's say he goes to Sacramento, and you miss the playoffs for the next 3-4 years, you don't make the All-Star team. So now you're in Sacramento, you're not an All-Star, you're not in the playoffs, you're not on anybody's radar, talk shows aren't talking about you, your games aren't on. You're anonymous. Is that what you want?"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the latest round of Ben Simmons trade rumors. The guys explain why Simmons needs to be careful what he wishes for when it comes to his trade demands, as the 76ers could easily ship him off to a team that will be far from contending for the next few years.