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Brandon Staley: Justin Herbert Is a Gamer

Photo: Harry How

Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach, Brandon Staley joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Dan asks him about last night’s game between Dallas and Philadelphia, and he breaks down the Cowboys including the keys to being successful against them. He also breaks down how he approaches Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. He shares what he thinks is special about his QB, Justin Herbert saying he’s at his best when the pressure is on and he can rely on his instincts. And they talk about his personal quarterbacking skills and how they might stack up against other NFL head coaches.

Dan Patrick: “If somebody hadn’t seen Justin Herbert play, how would you describe that?” 
Brandon Staley: “I think he makes playing quarterback look effortless. The way he plays, where he’s just really, really smooth, where you don’t even realize what’s unfolding before your eyes. Like, some of the throws that he’s able to make, some of the plays he’s able to make, he really makes it look easy... The other thing, Dan, about him is he’s really instinctive for the position. He plays the game with tremendous instincts on game day. Like, he is truly at his best on game day... ”