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The Chiefs Need to Give Patrick Mahomes the Steph Curry Treatment

Photo: Rob Carr

Jason Smith: "There are going to be teams out there that want to get out from under contracts that they can afford and make the move and go get. They've got to do it, or they're going to give away a year of Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs will maybe make the playoffs, but in the end they're going to go home, because they're not nearly as good as the other teams. The Chiefs need to bring in stars for Patrick Mahomes. Josh Gordon is a great start, but they need to go get somebody who's got a big contract that is still a really good player that can come in and hit the ground running. That's what the Chiefs have to do, they have to treat that team like the Warriors did with Steph Curry."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon explain why the Chiefs need to shift their focus in the way they acquire players. Jason compares the Chiefs situation with Patrick Mahomes to the Warriors with Steph Curry over the last several years, where Golden State began to prioritize acquiring stars in order to better maximize their window to compete with Steph Curry. Jason says now is the time for the Chiefs to actively search the trade market for star players that they can acquire, even if it means overpaying, as their slow start to the season should be a cause for alarm.