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How Should The Patriots Celebrate Tom Brady?

Divisional Round - Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

Photo: Getty Images

On Wednesday's "2 Pros and Cup of Joe," Jonas, Brady and LaVar wonder what would be more enjoyable between the Patriots putting together a tribute video, celebrating all of Tom Brady's accomplishments, or if they did absolutely nothing to acknowledge his importance to their organization. Expect mind tricks on Sunday Night.

Jonas Knox: "Would you enjoy this more if the Patriots had a video tribute package to Tom Brady showing all his success OR if all they did was show his pick-6 against the Titans in the Playoffs his last game there? Hey, petty or nothing, let's go!"
LaVar Arrington: "I tell you what would be pettier. If they did nothing."
Brady Quinn: "Ooh, indifference."
LaVar Arrington: "I can honestly tell you the way Bill Belichick handles things, why even do it? If we get to this game and they do no type of acknowledgement of what Tom Brady has represented to that organization and they just go into that game, that's an ultimate 'F-You' as well."