Rob Parker Calls For Boston Fans to Boo Tom Brady In Return to Foxboro

Rob Parker: "I think fans in Boston should stand up and BOO Tom Brady from top to bottom. They should boo Benedict Brady as much as they can. He's the one who decided it was about him and not about the organization. He's the one who turned his back on the Patriots uniform, on the Patriots fans, on what they have built there, and decided it wasn't enough to be a part of something special and a great run in NFL history! No! Tom Brady had to go elsewhere to prove it's about him. He's the most selfish player on the planet. It's always about Tom Brady. People of Boston, New England, UNITE, arm by arm, grab each other's hands and boo loud and strong, and let'em know, 'You're wearing another uniform! We don't care about Tom Brady anymore! When he was wearing a home team jersey, we loved everything about Tom Brady!' Tom Brady was supposed to be Derek Jeter! He was supposed to play 20 years in the same uniform! He was supposed to retire as a New England Patriot. That's when he should've got his flowers and people should've stood up and revered him. Instead he walked out on the city of Boston and the people of New England to go to some Mickey Mouse town like Tampa Bay? That's what he decided? He should've never wore another uniform. He should've held that organization and his 20 years in Boston sacred. Michael Jordan made that mistake; Others have made that mistake. Derek Jeter was smart. He was a Yankee through and through. Nobody could ever have anything to say about Derek Jeter and that's the way it should've been about Tom Brady."

The showdown inches closer between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as the inevitable clash between the New England Patriots and Tampa Buaccneers is imminent. The debates are endless as many people on our very network and all over make their case who was responsible for the New England Patriots' success. Is Belichick nothing without Tom Brady? Has Tom Brady mostly benefited from great coaching and roster management? Wherever you fall on the debate, one thing that Rob Parker is hoping to see is Tom Brady greeted by the fans in a shower of boos. Parker makes the case to Chris Broussard in the video that Tom Brady abandoned the New England Patriots organization and fans rather than stay with the team that brought him so much glory.