Justin Herbert Has Had The Softest Landing In The NFL

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: "This is the way it should be done if you're a team looking for a quarterback, 'Hey we'll spend around you and get the building blocks in so when you come in, you have nothing to worry about,' and Justin Herbert had the softest landing in the NFL...This is why Sam Darnold had such a soft landing in Carolina 'Oh it's Christian McCaffrey, and DJ Moore, and it's Robby Anderson, and it's a really good defensive line, oh I'm landing in a cloud', then you get Zach Wilson who falls out of a plane and lands and 'Oh that hurt because it's the Jets there's no support on this team' . The Chargers are able to do it the way every other team wanted to do it."

Mike Harmon: "Telesco and company they've done a great job of building a foundation, and then you plug in your guy. Anytime you got an offensive line that's going to keep you upright you're not going to face a lot of harassment...We watched it with Joe Burrow last year in Cincinnati, man it looked great when he wasn't running for his life and taking hit after hit. For Herbert right now clean pocket and opportunities...For Justin Herbert it's the perfect situation."

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon share how and why Justin Herbert has had the softest landing in the NFL, and how the Chargers have done something many NFL teams want to do.