Rob Parker: "Matt Nagy is Done in Chicago"

Photo: Jonathan Daniel

Rob Parker: "Matt Nagy is officially done as Chicago Bears Head Coach. If I had my finger on it, I'd have to wash it, because that's how much this smells. It's not a knock on Justin Fields, but he didn't do anything to bring a change of this magnitude by beating the Lions on Sunday. Because it wasn't that, and because his coach has been belaboring the point that they were not going to put the kid in, tells me that this decision came from above in management, or it was the players who told him to just put the kid in. This was not Matt Nagy, I don't care what anyone tells me. He didn't have an epiphany all of the sudden, he was pushed into this."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Matt Nagy's decision to make Justin Fields the starting quarterback and explain why they doubt that Nagy was truly the one to make this decision himself.