Jon Gruden Needs To Just Apologize

Photo: Ethan Miller

Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Dan reacted to the situation surrounding Raiders HC Jon Gruden and the disparaging comments he made in 2011 about NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith. While many around the NFL have come to Gruden’s defense, Dan thinks he should just apologize, and wonders how his comments would be received by players he’s coached in the past or how the situation would be handled if this were the NBA.

Dan Patrick: “Gruden’s had a lot of people come to his defense, and that’s fine. But, what else is there in other emails. How comfortable would Jon be saying those comments to his players? Let’s say he was around Warren Sapp. He coached him a couple of years in Tampa. Would he say to Warren Sapp, ‘Hey, DeMaurice Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires.’? He might not know that it’s wrong and that’s a problem in itself. If this were the NBA, how do you think Commissioner Adam Silver would react? Because it would be important to the players. He tried to apologize, but then, you start to extrapolate and you bring in other things...just apologize!”