Jon Gruden Was Not "Cancelled"


Jason Smith: "This is behavior that is awful, hurtful, and offensive, and it is behavior that he has exhibited for years. This is not Jon Gruden being cancelled. I get cancel culture, and I understand it. But this is the NFL deciding that the hate that Gruden has spewed for years that they have uncovered is no longer something that they can tolerate. The NFL does not want him representing who they are. These are specific things that he said that were hurtful in different ways. There is no "cancel culture" for this. You can't excuse indefensible behavior. You're either for racism, homophobia, misogyny, and hate, or you're against it. There's no in-the-middle."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Jon Gruden resigning as Head Coach of the Raiders. The guys break down the claim that Gruden is simply a victim of "cancel culture" and explain why Gruden could not continue with the Raiders. Plus, the guys explain why this should be the end of Gruden's NFL career as a whole.