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Squeezing Blood from Jon Gruden’s Stone

Photo: Chris Unger

Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden is the latest victim of “Cancel Culture” and Doug Gottlieb wonders where it will all end. The man has lost his job and any chance to work in the NFL in any capacity moving forward, and now he has been removed from Tampa’s Ring of Honor, all for things he wrote in an email a decade ago when he wasn’t even working for the NFL. To top it off, folks are still screaming for more consequences. Doug wants to know how much blood will be enough to satisfy the PC Police.

Doug Gottlieb: “We’re going to take down the Ring of Honor? Firing Jon Gruden; he lost at least $25M if not more, he’ll never coach in the NFL, he’s not going to broadcast in the NFL again either. That’s not enough? How much blood is enough?”